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Fisher-Price Smart Toy®
CVE-2015-8269 - Improper Authentication Handling

hereO GPS Platform
CERT VU#213384 - Authorization Bypass

iBaby M6
CVE-2015-2886 - Predictable Information Leak

iBaby M3S
CVE-2015-2887 - Backdoor Credentials

Philips In.Sight B120/37
CVE-2015-2882 - Backdoor Credentials
CVE-2015-2883 - Reflective, Stored XSS
CVE-2015-2884 - Direct Browsing

Summer Baby Zoom Wifi Monitor & Internet Viewing System
CVE-2015-2888 - Authentication Bypass
CVE-2015-2889 - Privilege Escalation

Lens Peek-a-View
CVE-2015-2885 - Backdoor Credentials

CVE-2015-2881 - Backdoor Credentials

TRENDnet WiFi Baby Cam TV-IP743SIC
CVE-2015-2880 - Backdoor Credentials

Stem Innovation IZON
CVE-2013-6236 - Hard-coded Credentials

portable-phpMyAdmin WordPress Plugin
CVE-2012-5469 - Authentication Bypass

Hotel Booking Portal
CVE-2012-1672 - SQL Injection

CVE-2012-1673 - SQL Injection

CVE-2012-1671 - Local File Inclusion

PHP Grade Book
CVE-2012-1670 - Unauthenticated SQL Database Export

CVE-2012-1669 - Local File Inclusion

Andy's PHP Knowledgebase
CVE-2011-1546 - SQL Injection Vulnerability

Quick Polls
CVE-2011-1099 - Local File Inclusion & Deletion Vulnerabilities

Seo Panel
CVE-2010-4331 - Cookie-Rendered Persistent XSS Vulnerability

Pointter PHP Micro-Blogging Social Network
CVE-2010-4333 - Unauthorized Privilege Escalation

Pointter PHP Content Management System
CVE-2010-4332 - Unauthorized Privilege Escalation

Pulse CMS Basic
CVE-2010-4330 - Local File Inclusion Vulnerability

Orbis CMS
CVE-2010-4313 - Arbitrary Script Execution Vulnerability

Free Simple Software
CVE-2010-4298 - SQL Injection Vulnerability

WSN Links
CVE-2010-4006 - SQL Injection Vulnerability

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Fisher-Price Smart Toy® & hereO GPS Platform
Internet-Connected Baby Monitors
Stem Innovation IZON Camera

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